Cabin in the Forest

Cabin in the Forest is a very detailed character generation game. Pallas, the goddess of creativity leads through us in the process. Ironically Pallas, when the question is about her, doesn’t allow creative answers. The game promise a procedurally generated horror scenario, the player hopes, that it makes sense to fill out that many questions. But when the narrator, Pallas begins to trick on him, or trolling, we may we suspects that the game won’t end in the expected way. What is expected, that based on a questions, at least a little, procedurally or randomly generated story is turning up, but it isn’t. The game give an explanation for the happpenings, but I had a feeling of lack of some kind of story, but it’s the joke, it’s the trolling on us. However, it is a good idea to implement this kind of game, the player expects more, so the game could be expanded with some kind of story. The game is trolling on the player so I trolled back with this spoiler. Anyways, it seem that it begins to be a tendency nowdays.


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