Ups, a strategy, more precisely a resource manager game. It’s not really my style, but there was similar game to it, just a bit more complex. This piece is interesting with its simpleness, because it’s a very good example to making a text based strategy game in no time. It was made for the 37th Ludum Dare competition, where the point is that, you should make a during 2 days. The theme of the competition: One Room. I have to say that it’s a bit eerie, but it doesnt’t affect the gameplay very much. According to the story, we are somewhere, and are going to somewhere, and the journey takes 10 years (obviously we are in the space). And this is, what is the title about. We have to manage resources to survive the journey, and reach the destination alive. The time passes automatically, our supplies are decreases, amd we have to work on these. The goal is, that we have more increase in goods than decrease. It’s not easy, we can only do it by chance. That’s all.

Ratings: 3,5 decrease out of 5

 The game’s online link:

The source file:

The all game of the comp (2390 pcs):

Recommended music:

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