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In Japan, there is a common myth of the spirit of language called kotodama (言霊); a belief that some divine power resides in the Japanese language.
– Oxford Words Blog destruction

The point is, that because of a viral beer advertisement the poetry slip its chain in Tokyo, and a robot is charged to prevent the destruction literal peaces. The robot has a defension against haikus, limericks, proses, and things like that, and we must defend the other robots, who has no such abilities, and anyway they want to be similar to human beings, but poetry (supposed to) bad for them. Much poetry is bad for humans too, but who cares? Their lifetime is lesser then the robots, and they can be substituted easily. And they there are many of them, there is overpopulation, and the will be reproduced soon. The game is a surreal science-fiction, with classical literature in it.

Ratings: 4,5 viral beer advertisement out of 5


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