Night Guard/Morning Star

This game took 7th place last year at IFCompon. Thinking about the basic situation, you could actually be nice, you have to take care of your mother’s pictures one night in a gallery, but looking at the pictures, the whole thing is not so nice, but it starts to become more and more para situation is becoming more and more ominous. You interact with the figures in the paintings, highlighting the latest painting, Morning Star, the protagonist of which is a mysterious unknown. I didn’t start the game tuned in to horror, but on reflection, it can be pretty rummy. Perhaps Lovecraft has a topos of paintings that come to life, but maybe in another, I could compare the atmosphere of the game to a Lovecraft short story, only more depressing. Especially the gas, if someone knows enough English to think a lot about the game world, there’s definitely a good chance you’ll get scared if you find it in that mood. There are several endings, I looked at three, none very reassuring. Re-published in Sub-Q magazine, I publish this link here:

Night Guard / Morning Star

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