Nuclear Fire at Castle Trechery

This peace of interactive fiction tries to imitate a classical adventure game. Our tribe is dying, because the sun fizzling out, and twilight envelopes the earthand we must enter the Castle of Treachery in order to get the Nuclear Fire, which can rekindle the sun. We can choose between a champion and a shaman, who will fulfill the quest. The scenes of the castle consists of a few words portrayal, we can go to various directions, which are listed. Among our journey, we have to collect items, do not enter the Nuclear Fire’s place, while we don’t have shield and mace (as a champion), or two kind of potions (as a shaman), in order to defeat the monster, and get the Nuclear Fire. There are various other items, which can help us in our journey, but now i will not list them all.

Ratings: 4,5 Nuclear Fire out of 5

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