Quest for the Sword of Justice

Mission for the Sword of Justice. This little scene was written by Damon L. Wakes, who is best known for his humorous games (GUNBABY, Llamageddon), this game also tries to joke a few things,  which creates quite, say, paradoxical situations in life. So he tries to figure out the great paradox of life, which runs as “law” and “truth,” and on which institutions are based, and a lot of money revolves around it. The basic premise of the game is that they defeated the armies of the evil Necroth 100 years ago and are now preparing for his return. Our hero would be tasked with saving the world with the help of the Sword of Truth, but with that, he gets involved in a lot of legal complications. By disputing the Sword of Justice, it is the truth that will fall short of it in the name of truth in the game. I found several endings, at first I didn’t really like it, but then I realized something like this happens in life. In fact. In some ways, it can be very topical for many in the world. I’m sorry there’s no real happy ending, but life is just like that, many times.


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