The awakening lasts x days, x hours and x minutes. At least, yours. Your eyes are piercing. You can’t see clearly. Everything is dim. At nigt/in the morning you go into a café. You order cherry pie/coffee/whatever. Teenagers/old women come in to the café. You begin to talk to the barmaid. However, you don’t feel so well, you simply don’t know what to do with your time. You strike out, that humankind has two choice. At least you. You are going to a mental medical post for charity, or go to work to a night club. You begin to see things. Visions. Then you fed up with them, get into your car, and hit the road. What were these things? Hallutinations? Messages? Truths? 3 Endings. Actually, the idea of the game is cool. But I think that the author is too much influenced by linear and classical leadings.
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