Space Princess Coronation

It’s a bit silly, but an even happier sci-fi story. Prepared for a one-weekend race, he didn’t achieve any particular results. It was written by Marie Vibbert, an IT professional from Cleveland, Ohio. He publishes in Analog and Asimov’s magazines. Anyway, he plays for an American football team and has tried 17% of American roller coasters. Na. Unfortunately, the game is not responsive, so it cannot be played on a mobile phone because it is done in plain html. The interface is sometimes slightly distracting because the writer’s comics add to the background. The humor of the story should be emphasized, + if we decide on it well and logically, we can go through it first. Otherwise, it’s full of shrewd pitfalls and death traps. But that’s no problem either, since it’s in plain html, we simply flip back through the browser and choose the other path.

At the beginning of the story, you can feel a little hesitation on the part of the title character Space Princess as to whether she really, really wants to be the Queen of Space and participate in the initiation rite that presupposes going through three rooms without trouble. To make this worse, Borgon fighters attack the coronation ship, where every droid is in celebratory mode, so they can’t reciprocate the fire, or the attack, or whatever. A main droid will lead us to the ceremony, in a locker outfit, in the end, if all goes well, we will meet the fater and hopefully become the Queen of Space. Or not. But they are happy. Or…

Rating: 4 main droids out of 5

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