The Basilisk Dialogue

I’ve recently discovered InkJam for myself, which is primarily for games made with the Ink game maker, but as I’ve seen, I’m happy to see others as well. I first tried a little game made with Ink, The Basilisk Dialogue. According to the story, a mouse gets into a terrarium and there’s a basilisk (which I don’t know exactly what it might be, there’s a giant snake in the picture). This giant snake / basilisk is an obstacle for us to move on from here and enjoy the outside world. First, of course, want to eat since 6 months did not eat, and other trifles. We need to mingle in dialogue with him and be convinced why not eat him. Meanwhile, we can discuss with him existential, ontological concepts, the existence of gods, and so on. There are 3 endings to the game, the goal is to swim the encounter with intact skin.

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