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Now, after a short break, the restarted Sub-Q magazine will be a game that is professionally dedicated to interactive texts (with more or less success), so much so that it even pays the authors… Their latest story is a vampire story, so this is not a very nice cover image … It was originally published on Philome.la, as far as it can be called a publication.

I’m not going to let go of the description of the game, in the story we’re portraying a vampire, of course, and it’s essentially up to us how much we live out our passion for vampire, here of course I’m thinking primarily of sucking blood. We may also be a little gay, often thinking of someone named Sam, yet having fun with others in the meantime.

At a festival-like outdoor party like this, we can pick up our victims, somewhere Sam is also sitting there, quietly enjoying the company. Both a man and a woman are the focus of our interest, and depending on how we treat them, our further fate develops with Sam, with whom, of course, we still end up in the end. I also found three types of endings, but let me be honest, the story wasn’t overly impressed.

Rating: 3.5 of 5 vampires 


Now, a game from the Sub-Q Magazine

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