Trusting My Mortal Enemy?! What a Disaster!

It’s a superhero-super-crime story and takes place in Garden City, with the protagonist Lightbearer and Promethium, the first in the person of the protagonist, the second in the person of the protagonist. Their first clash in the game takes place in an abandoned warehouse building, which Promethium takes on Lightbearer by letting gas in to the ballet performance, where Lightbearer is just passing by. Lightbearer defeats him, but pardons him so this game can continue between them. They always meet in a cafe and hold clashes. Promethium seems to be taking everything, breeding more and more monsters to attack Lightbearer with them, and always messaging on TV to challenge Lightbearer to the clash. There’s a comic part to the game that stems from situations where the two opponents are having coffee together, but there’s a very thought-provoking part that we can see in life as well as possibly such mimic clashes. The playing time is an hour and a half, I feel like the show has been pulled off a bit, but maybe it’s just within tolerance.

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