Witches and Wardrobes

I have to say that it is a Sims kind of text game, as I can imagine a Sims game at all. We play the role of a witch, so the millieu is olso “witchy”, magical, an alarm sprite wakes us, the breakfast is warmed by magic, we don’t use the steps, fly instead, the mirror tals to us, etc. We have a cat, called Cake, it really doesn’t bother us. It is our famulus. Our skin’s color is certainly green, due to the magical practices. But the point is that how we dress up for going up. We can get up neon green dress with cardigan, short skirt, and sandals, but we can have black dress, with longs skirt and boots, etc. In the evening, it seems, we’d rather stay at home, but we go out finally, and scare the population with the peaces of our dress. It is surely fun. Other people goes out to drink beer, but a witch is a witch.


Ratings: 4,5 Neon green dress out of 5

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