English Lessons


If you don’t know English but want to go abroad, all you have to do is learn this one word and use it all the time (this can also refer to your place of origin and that you are angry because you want to eat):


The second word I recommend when traveling abroad. It’s universal, authentic, and you’re more mingle with its frequent use among native speakers. It can be inserted everywhere and replaces everything.


Hungarians very like mirror translation, what else would we do with mirror eggs, we would translate it with mirror translation. The fried egg will become Mirror egg from the Hungarian word, “tükörtojás”, but this it also be mirrored to make it more English, so it will be Egg mirror. Tricky…
Hungarians don’t know the 5 second rule (you can eat 5 seconds from the ground, after you dropped the food), they stay instead: “the body needs the dirt”, “the vitamin is in the cigarette stub”, etc.