Editing Principles – 2020

As we know, interactivefiction.eu has undergone numerous rebirths, and it is a miracle that it still operates in its original form at all. This was mostly because it started as a side project and I always had the least time left for it, and all sorts of cataclysms happened to it, such as temporary shutdown (s). This may change recently. My main projects are, say, ranked lower, so that’s not appreciated. During the most recent fix, we had to say goodbye to a few titles because the links were no longer live or because I imported some editorial principles. For example, I was trying to get rid of the horribly frantic descriptions that suggested that interactive fiction is literature and I am a journalist. Although, as we take it, there may be some truth in these as well, given that I was 3nd year in communication-media in an university, and I may have stuck with something in this place as well. But it’s also true that it’s hard to change a person’s style, whatever it is, but maybe I manage to normalize myself more and more.

Then let’s talk about the heralded “Editorial Principles” that I enforced:

Content that goes sexual is, I think, managed to exclude. I wouldn’t be a spoiler of anything good anyway, but when Google gives an almost porn site a rating that is almost porn, it’s a bit of a strong exaggeration, and it’s no good for anyone. I also deleted content that was too rude, bloody, disgusting, or very depressing, although no one asked me to do so. Maybe I take this “good taste” thing too strictly, but I just saw it as good and ready, instead of any further explanation. Anyway, it didn’t affect many games, and none of it was a big bang. Also dropped on the sieve are games in which there is nothing “game-like”, no obstacles, no task to complete, no linear, endless clicks at all, or other problems cannot be considered a game. To my great surprise, I didn’t have to think much here either, the programs were selected in such a way that they had a gaming experience. Not all creations stood the test of time either. There were links missing or the writer withdrew his work from the net. I didn’t feel like taking them to my own storage space or looking for them too much. The Philome.la site is also approx. it’s on the verge of being discontinued if you don’t host new games anymore, so I took these out as well, so here was what I was sorry to drop out of. Let’s look at the good side of the thing: at least every link works. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt to have traces of anything to do with interactive fiction. Another criterion is to be free. Something fell out due to price variations and more, so far the basic principle is that all games here are free. This can be realized most of the time by picking them from different Jams, competitions, which can be understood as more or less the whole year’s harvest.

Highlights: Sping Thing Festival (April-May), IFComp (October-November), EctoComp (October-November). AsylumJam in November-December dropped out of line and was replaced by InkJam, hopefully permanently for the summer. This would pretty much ensure an even distribution of games at all times of the year. If anyone else knows about something, please don’t keep it to yourself! That’s it. Have a nice time on the site!