19 Line

This little game with Unity fits smoothly into an interactive short story. Let’s just say it’s so different that it also comes with some 3D graphics. We serve a subway line, at 19. We first ponder the mysteries of prime numbers, the railway company, and the whole universe, reviving in thought some moments from our childhood when we are surprised to notice at the center that our peers are scotching heavily. We don’t really understand the thing, we take a break and then set off on our journey full of a lot of ominous events and since I don’t want to spoil the whole thing very much, I just tell you that the most adventurous night is ahead of us at the company… We’re still at InkJam , it reached 10th place, I might have ranked ahead, even to first place… Although it may have contributed to its ranking that it was originally published in Spanish and only then translated into English.


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