Vampire Ltd

Nero Brashov, vampire and failed businessman, has revenge on his mind. He’ll pose as a human, infiltrate his arch-enemy’s corporation, and sabotage it from the inside. His enemy, Hadrian Alba, is also a vampire, presenting the Moonlite, his newest product, which we decide to abolish. There’s an element of social satire here, with the major characters’ vampirism serving as a metaphor for their self-enriching corporate mismanagement. We take up the role of an employee of Hadrian, to reach our goal. We have to get invited us, to enter the terrytory of our opposer’s company. We have some conversations with other workers, computers, the conversations are menu driven, we can find out some backround story this way. There are not many places in the game, it is a medium length, or rather a short story. According to the genre, it is a comedy, so we can find some humorous element in it. There is a reference to the climatic state, which makes the player think about it, but the solution is good in the story of this problem.

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