Dungeon Detective 2

In the second part (we are nothing but) a bomb attack hits the hideout of our new client, in whose person we can honor a devil. Of course, he is not as devil as the other, well-informed, peaceful coexistence devils who make fair contracts. This part already uses a more serious and complex game mechanism, we see the image and objects of our protagonist, there is a money management system built into the game, which is not so much performance, I think, given that some variables and conditions solve it, and I thought I discovered some anomalies. There is also a day / night system, which makes the game especially cozy. The area we can walk into is relatively large and there are many potential suspects in the bombing. The House of Chess has a key role to play in the solution, as the citizens of the city have a special custom: they play chess with the ladies of the House of Chess at night. We don’t have to be particularly rubbed to figure out that this is a euphemism in the game to define the bubble. They actually and continuously play chess in the house, which I think results in funnier situations than if it were an echte bubble. But, of course, there is life outside the House of Chess as well, we actually have to wander the streets and alleys in the city a few times, not to mention the canal system beneath the city.


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