Stand Up / Stay Silent

This story is a fable. A science fiction tale about standing up or staying silent in a hostile environment. You and your partner, Demia have reserved a table at Chateau d’Or, New Cydonia’s most exclusive restaurant. However it is placed to Mars, the events in the game can be easily found similar to stories are happening here and now. There is 5 endings, it depends on how we react to the events. For example in the first scenario Demia is mumbing something that sounds like a protest song. We can choose if we stand by him or not, when the guards are insulting her. Some other elements of the story are also suggest that we are in the Mars, like First Landing Plaza, where there is a demonstration, and we can also decide whether we support them or not. The ending will be the result of these stand ups and staying silents. The game is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which means it can be reused remixed, transformed for any purpose.

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