The Shadow In The Snow

During the big snowfall, our car stops. We can choose to go into the woods or follow in the footsteps of a lizard that is likely to lead to a motel, we think, and we will find it. I don’t really want to give hints, but it’s often more worth choosing the less likely solution throughout the game. Let’s say it’s more absurd options than absurd, but first we do better if we go into the woods, that’s perhaps more to say. Here and there are traces of destruction, a monster is raging somewhere nearby. The motel is also completely extinct, but still worth a look. We will probably have to fight the monster alone, we will need all the guidance in this, and we will have to arm ourselves. Of course, it doesn’t matter how. By the end, if all goes well, we will be able to defeat the monster and escape the trap. Anyway, there’s a puzzling part to the game as well, and a (I think) huge joke at the end.

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