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Not much information is available about this piece, just a few words about it. By the way, he took the top 25th place in last year’s IFComp competition, the author has already achieved much better results. Well, something happened here that the story would have required more elaboration, the design phase took longer than putting the game together in Twine. All the same. It takes place in 1860, in Australia, and we form pro-independence rebels in it. What are we to rebel against or against? Against the kingdom and the Queen of England, of course, Australia to this day is under the rule of the British Crown, at least in nominal terms. So much for the great deal of dissemination. One word comes to mind about this game: “grab a lot, catch a little”. Creating a steampunk environment and atmosphere, developing 5 playable characters, and incorporating a metal-represented feature system into the game is no small task, so you don’t have to expect too much from this game with a few screens and a fairly linear structure. The Queen of England comes to visit the Great Exhibition, and the small company of 5 is a small demonstration, a riot, whatever she organizes against her. The game also includes tangentially some of the representatives of the eastern part of the British colonial empire, and also Charles Dickens, on the party of the kingdom. Of this, approx. so much comes down that the author most likely loves anime and hates Dickens. Or not. After all, I’m not going to tell you, I think, is too big either by telling me that two endings are possible, or we survive the big adventure, or one or two of our people stay there in the end. It’s really just decided right before the end, but the whole thing is explained at the end of the game, as part of the gameplay and mechanism of the game. With free-to-use images, the author makes the contemporary and steampunk atmosphere more spectacular, which, I must say, has gone pretty bad, because it feels a bit like when someone makes such a collage or montage on a board of contemporary heads, a gadget or two. mashed with his image.

Ratings: 4 minor riots ost of 5

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