Incoming Call

Another reflective writing, that is, a game in which the subject of quarantine also appears. It exemplifies well that it is difficult to keep in touch from one home quarantine to another, especially if the whole process is complicated by supernatural phenomena. For example, it is questionable how a hole appeared in the ground or what the shadows that appear in the background mean on the screen. Since there are three endings and the three can be reached differently, it is advisable to go through it at least three times. Depending on our choice, we can learn different and different about the background of the events, and we can also stumble upon different, interesting dialogues that were not included in the previous walkthrough. It is also accompanied by graphics, which has not become my favorite, but at least it is. My problem with such amateur-style graphics is that it all seems like an amateur. The three endpoints are also suspected to be the result of a branch rather than a consciously constructed endpoint. The content of the writing is thought-provoking in places, and it is also here because of its topicality.

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