Nellan Is Thirsty

Searching for IFComp games, I got a little out of my way when I saw Nellan Is Thirsty and somehow I couldn’t resist. It was originally made for a TRS-80 computer, but the C64 transcript was also completed soon, I played it in the BBC Micro version all the way through, but let’s stay with the C64, it will hopefully be easier for us here now. The game was made in 1980 and published in Recreactional Computing Magazine by Furman H. Smith, and it’s the world’s first interactive fiction game specifically for kids, as the characters are friendly, even the banker helps us, available to me in the game, which is why I think it’s a rare nice thing from a banker. There are 9 locations in the game, a map also helps us, the goal is to collect 100 points for the valuable items we store in the bank. The main problem is that Nellan, the cat is thirsty… And of course he wants to drink milk…

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