Arram’s Tomb

In this game, we control an adventure team as they embark on a treasure hunt in a crypt. The barbarian is a believer in simple solutions, the thief talks too much, and unfortunately too incomprehensibly, otherwise the priestess sees something fantasy in her, and the wizard conjures it in a meaningful way. I would recommend the game to role-playing game fans rather than everyone, the story brings back the atmosphere of role-playing games, maybe it was just written from an adventure. The characters feel like I have too much to say, maybe as a counterbalance to the few locations and choices in the game, just so it’s all weird. The characters don’t have names, they call each other by naming their caste, although it might not even be worth naming them, the game ends soon. I found one ending that is slightly better than the others, I think this is the end of the game. After all, it’s a round whole, playable game, maybe you could have gotten more out of it, but it was good to recall old player times with the help of role-playing events.


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