Cactus Blue Motel

Becky, Lex, and Mari (not Mary) drive through a desert between New Mexico and Arizona until they arrive at the Cactus Blue Motel, inhabited by strange styles. Everyone has arrived in transit, but somehow they have been living in the motel for years (tenths). In the game, we see what happens from Mari’s point of view. It’s our job to somehow get on from here, but it’s like everyone and everyone is working against it, even Becky and Lex. In principle, there’s also a level of the game that you should take them with you from here, I guess, I just managed Becky. By the way, my favorite part, when it turns out what the motel really is, is what we stop with Becky to discuss our sexual orientation. It doesn’t quite work. I think the whole game can also be seen as an allegory of a life situation, namely the allegory of fiberizing, stumbling in one place. It may also be a sign that the craziest character is our biggest help, it happens in life as well. One of the most memorable games of last year’s IFComp competition, the audience took it to third place, which I think received the most votes. Interestingly, you haven’t heard from the top two since then. There are such things. I think it’s definitely worth playing through.

Rating: 5 arrived out of 5 passers-by

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