It’s a story about kids with little real interactivity and more clicks to take the story forward. We look into the life of an educational institution through the eyes of the protagonist. There’s also a tale, probably a Grimm tale, embedded in the text of the game that we read to the others. Then, of course, as usual, the tale and reality are a bit confused in the story. Since the Grimm tales aren’t famous for their positive tone, the mood of the play text is also quite depressing. The story goes to one, but I don’t think it will be too memorable for me. It was the first I played through this year’s Spring Thing. These games are usually pretty mixed quality anyway, one of the best is the opening graphics, but we don’t see much novelty in it, the story itself is pretty mediocre, and as I’ve noticed, it’s not the best to write, often in capital letters, a lot in it. shouting, believing, often for no reason. While it’s not impossible for someone to like it, for some reason I don’t usually get into child stories anyway.

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