There’s the basically funny situation where a police giant robot is controlled by a baby. This funny idea was worked out by the writer, our task during the game is usually to avoid as much as possible to cause a lot of material damage or for many to exit as a result of our activities. If the material damage exceeds a level or our operation involves too many casualties, the game is over. It also ends when we run out of fuel and we can be glad we did as little damage as possible. We can also solve 1-2 crimes in the meantime, meaning we’d rather just blame them for solving them, but they don’t really matter. I tried to get through the game without damage, with a positive balance, it wasn’t so funny anymore when I started again 100 times, but looking into the game it turns out it’s not even possible, there’s no such end result. The most positive solution is to get to the point where you run out of fuel. A little weird is the humor of the game’s writer, I would have done it to avoid damage and it would have been a positive ending (too). But since I don’t really write games these days, it’s true to say, “this is it, this is what you need to love”. Maybe that was easier to solve that way, but it could also be that the playwright didn’t even think about what I did.

* SPOILER * Or sorry, there’s another ending where we launch a nuclear disaster that no one will survive except the cause of the disaster, the baby handling the giant robot. I would rather not comment on that now.

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