A Quiet Night

A quiet night… The first place in InkJam, which I was a little surprised at how many times I had to bounce on it and I almost gave up… All I say is it doesn’t matter in what order we click the links… very not… We play a deer demon in the game, who incarnates his daily life incarnated in an earthly body. He drinks and watches TV in the evenings. This is exactly what you do when you call an acquaintance’s relative to save you because they want to kill you… It’s about some debt we owe our acquaintance, so we finally get to the point before the phone line goes deaf, dictates the home address where it starts takes the investigation after the kidnapper. After identifying the suspect and the scene, we can leave the villa. If we can’t identify the perpetrator, maybe we can get stuck in the house forever, that was the main thing I really didn’t like about the game. Let us reserve our demonic power for the final clash, because it will not be a smooth affair, although it may be possible without it. So going through this game took me a couple of hours (and an experiment), along with not being that long. The atmosphere is very good, although I am a little surprised that it took first place.


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