Survive Maine

There’s this My First Game Jam: Summer 2020, which also features games that cut into our theme. Of these, I would highlight Survive Maine, which is a survival horror solved with interactive fiction tools. Traces of visual novel and comedy elements can be grasped, but are mostly creepy enough to stick to well-proven English words. It’s no secret (the lady symbolizing the reception committee tells us in advance): we have to spend 24 hours in a place called Smalltown in Maine (we originally wanted to go to Smalltown in another state with our relative), and if we survive the 24 hours of walking, we’re fine. We can still collect fun facts about the state of Maine, they’re pretty boring, but you can even collect 24, supposedly. I died at 24 in my first game, for the second walkthrough one remembers well the places where I sucked it, I did it without losing vitality points. I didn’t get all the pamphlets that have the fun facts on it, maybe one day, if I’m really bored myself, it’s not out of the question that I’ll try it too. Overall, it’s a pretty good game, maybe it could be improved on, but it’s basically exactly what it needs to be here for us.

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