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This is perhaps the most concise story game in this year’s EctoComp La Petite Mort category for the 3-hour Halloween Games competition, the Le Grand Guignol category, which is the casual-making games competition, I didn’t deal with this year. The story is so simple and banal that I don’t even describe it, the point is that we’re in an initially dark room, another knife plays in the game, and another person besides us, and all our choices are “Do it!” we close with a prompt. Otherwise, it’s worth doing what the game has to offer, rather than running away from our fate. It was also a bit of an excuse for this game to sum up the competition itself. 12-12 games started in 2 categories, I scored half in the smaller games competition, I feel like I did it right, within that there were 4 Twine games, two others. I feel like I’ve given a point to what I can, text typing games aren’t playable for me, they’re for native speakers, especially. What still occurred to me in connection with the competition is that there are more and more texts that want to create an emotional, artistic effect with elements of interactivity. I don’t care.

Rating: 4 out of 5 starring knives

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