This game is quite surreal, as we form a jelly in it that melts every 5 steps and we have to start everything again every 5 steps, our collected items are lost, only the changes made on the map remain. Because we drive on a character map, this is the Lonely Valley where our adventures take place and places to visit such as e.g. the Frog Church. The game makes sure to lift the person’s stomach properly on the go, resembling its big predecessor, EAT ME, we move somewhere in the range between hunger and nausea while playing. The game can be divided into two stages (also), first we reveal the objects on the map, and secondly we complete missions by traversing certain routes. For me, the first part went, the second part had to be played through, but in the end it is possible to get through it. The story can only be accomplished by walking through the pilgrimages, these are 5-step itineraries that come with various discounts if we accomplish them. The last benefit is that we don’t melt anymore, making it possible to gather things you need for a picnic. Well, if it’s confusing enough that way, it’s okay, it’s hard to explain the whole thing, but if someone tries it, maybe it’s easier to figure things out.

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