Quest for the Homeland

I really like games for non-native English speakers, less for native speakers. In this game, we have to find a new home for ourselves and our 100 people in a fantasy environment while facing a variety of challenges that can reduce the number of our people. The goal, then, is to get to the end of the game with as few human losses as possible, so that our dear good father, the king, is also pleased with our performance. I found illogicality in one place, for example, when I manage to save -4 or -13 people, I don’t think it’s a very lifelike solution, so there could have been an end to that as well. Otherwise, a gameplay time is approx. max. 5 minutes, worth trying several times. The game didn’t originally have a picture, I took it from another review, maybe it was cut from a game with a similar theme and feel, but it fits here. I only roughly interpreted the text, I was more curious about the game mechanics, but I really cut into my nails, not too long or towed, and also imaginative. Oh, and each game is different and different, random things get a big part in it. If I were curious about Ink’s editing skills, I would probably have a chance to look into this game, and it is possible that in this case I will translate the game into Hungarian. I’ve been doing things like this for a long time, and they don’t.

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