Big Trouble in Little Dino Park

When the dinosaurs’ cloning became cheaper, it is fashionable to go to dino theme parks. You have just arrived a little bit of summer job to a park like this, and after the humorous silly clumsiness, you can begin to work. Whoever saw Jurassic Park film, may knows, that the essence of these that the animals escape somehow. Certenly, it also happens here. There is a helicopter landing place, and a port, where we can go, to escape from the scene. After some happening fit into an action film, we can realize soon, that the prt is the proper way, where we can leave, but first we have to save somebody, one of our collegues, to continue on with more action film clichés. It’s an interesting game, for those, who have seen the Jurassic Park films, for those, who havent, and for those, who didn’t pay attention, like me.


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