Limerick Heist

The Great Limerick Mouthwash. The story of a crime is told entirely in rhymes. According to the story, we must first recruit a team to get the loot. We can then control the choices of team members during deployment. The rhyming form is a bit strange, and because of that, interesting words are also mixed into the text, but you can get used to it relatively quickly. Luckily, the game isn’t very lengthy, even if the actions of the 5 characters need to be coordinated. Plus, it’s maximally player-friendly: if our choice proves to be bad, we can undo it later. I think the game is maximally refreshing, I didn’t start it earlier because I was afraid to rhyme in it, but the game rhymes for us. And the fact that this time we’re hiding in the role of the bad guys isn’t in the least repulsive throughout the game, it feels a bit like it’s part of the Ocean’s… series. Last year, on IFComp, it took 8th place.


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