Dungeon Twine – 10 Steps Edition

This is an emoji-based point and click puzzle adventure where you need to get to the top of a dungeon by finding keys, opening chest and scrolling walls. After every steps, you lose 1 hp, after every 10 steps, you lose a life. There is food in the dungeon, when you eat, you can get back 1 or 2 live(s). You have to get through 5 levels, in the 6th level, there is no more to do. The levels get harder and harder, the first three can be complied easily, but the 4th level is hard and tricky, and the 5th, final level is the hardest. You have to notice every little change in the dungeon, to fulfill the goal. In every level, there is a door, which is open with a key, that we have to find. Our character has an emoji face, which is neutral at first, sad, when losing life, and happy when finding the key. It can be a hard work to implement this dungeon in Twine, the intensive use of JavaScript is may be needed to it.


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