Stoned Ape Hypothesis

In his early 1990s, Terrence McKenna outlined a theory in his book, Foods of the Gods, that attempts to explain the cognitive leap in early homo sapiens. This is often referred to as the Stoned Ape Hypothesis, Stone Monkey Theory. It was from this idea that this game was born, in which we can follow the stages of our becoming human. What does it take to become human? According to the game, it is mainly eating mushrooms, inventing different things (eg. stone axe), playing with stone toys (eg amoeba). I didn’t even think that prehistoric man was so playful that even at that age, his favorite pastime was playing various logic games with stones. Of course, this may be just a fiction, like the whole theory. Nevertheless, we managed to create quite a cozy game from these. If we get stuck, the permanent Help feature is there to help us in the game.

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