Saint City Sinners

Detective stories remain popular among interactive fiction authors. Also parodies of detective stories. I’ve only seen two of these in bringing up this year’s IFComp so far. Definitely worth a try is Dungeon Detective 2, and that’s the title, Saint City Sinners. His music is already rocking into a pleasant bar mood, so that’s why it’s worth it. The jokes are not to be missed either, during the investigation one laughs at oneself, which brings good cheer even on cloudy days. Truth and Justice, two of our fists can help us in the adventure, although I’ve used the quieter, more peaceful methods all along, the game can be solved and won anyway, these two don’t necessarily coincide in this case. The absurd humor of the game reinforces the end, although if we start at the end, it is right at the beginning…

Rating: 10 pleasant bar atmosphere out of 10

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