Amazing Quest

The game reportedly generated less controversy as to whether or not Nick Monfort, the author, renowned interactive fiction theoretical author and professor, wanted trolling on us with the game. We can think about this in our coming minutes. But he seemed to be serious: he had also typed an introduction and advice for the game. It would even be conceivable that he would have condensed all his knowledge and experience into his 12-line BASIC program if we didn’t know that the RND command is heavily used in the program, suggesting the frequent work of a random number generator. We’re more reliant on our imagination in front of the line-by-line, Y-N questions about what’s really going on than what is actually going to happen. Before our spiritual eyes may be the story of our journey, which is randomly generated, but we are in the hands of the gods, as the outcome of our answers is influenced only by fate and blind luck. What’s more, a topic came up on a blog that a bug was found in one of the lines, and there was a lively dialogue between the author and the blogger about how seriously the professor thought about the program. I don’t completely understand the BASIC code (not even these 12 lines), but I can clearly see that a little more implementation would have just helped the game.

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