Electric word, “life”

We’re in 1999, the protagonist (who you are) and his roommate have a Halloween party where the proportion of drunks is close to the total number present. Everyone is having a good time, we notice how we walk around the apartment. We can even talk to revelers, we just manage to escape someone, that is, sexually, so the overheating is very strong. Many times we get an unnecessarily detailed description of those present, a few times just a few words. As one stumbles upon newer links, you sometimes start begging yourself not to have another page description to read through. Even though the writer is able to edit a sentence, so it reproduces the atmosphere of 1999 quite well, mainly by portraying the description of contemporary objects, films, and so on. mentioning. Yet we have quite a few choices with real meaning in the story, unfortunately. While the writer states that it’s not an ordinary Halloween story, insofar as there’s no horror or dread in it, I don’t think it’s a criterion, so I would still somewhat classify it as a Halloween story.


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