Within Blank Pages

So. It’s a horror game made to 2016 NaNoWriMo, which is I don’t know what. Techinaclly, i’t s not a perfect one, but I say, it worthed to spend 1-2 nights with it, while I found the essence of the game. However, it’s a CYOA game, it’s not so simple to complete it. We have to collect spells to a spellbook, because certain obstacles can be eliminate when certain spells are active. The story is about a sect, undeads, demons, if we want to categorise it. If you need some help: the undeads in the story needn’t have to been killed, but we can, the key of the events and the solving of the problem is the raise of the undeads from the cemetery.

Ratings: 4,5  spell out of 5


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