A fairly linear story, turbocharged with all sorts of “multimedia,” such as sound, (moving) images, and so on. The first thing I played about the 2020 ifcomp, which by the way consists of 104 titles this year, or we could say, “I read the story text,” which is about the adventures of a person from Hong Kong that makes him cold is bad in time and is currently tormented in her bed, feverishly. This is where the universal congee comes in, which cures everything besides tea, and the story shows our hero the way he gets to the congee, which by the way is made from rice, fish, chicken, and so on. standing food specialty. I think it would have been cool if a recipe was included. The story ends with a heart-warming happy ending, and the whole thing is a breathtaking story that definitely comes to life in such rainy weather in early October. I know I vowed to ignore much of the linear adventures, but I have to review that already, this is specifically the case that is good the way it is.

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