The Call of Innsmouth

It’s a pretty ample fan fiction (?), Spin-off (?) For a Lovecraft short story, Shadows Over Innsmouth. More precisely, he wants to have a precedent. According to its description, the playing time is 2 hours, maybe you don’t need that much, but it is formulated in a rather wordy style, the time goes to reading. We play a detective who is investigating a missing young man on behalf of his mother. So soon it turns out that he left Arkham in the direction of Innsmouth and lost his trace there. In a story full of lovecraft-influenced elements, we learn several times about how rude, disgusting a place Innsmouth is to prepare for the trials that await us. We visit Miskatonic University and first sniff around Arkham (a lot of time goes by), then go over to that unholy Innsmouth and try to find the target person. All is well if the end is good, though don’t expect a completely happy ending in this world… It was interesting, I wonder how many spoilers were fired in the history, as I’m only going to read the short story now.

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