Alice Is Trapped

“Alice has found herself trapped within an abandoned schoolhouse! Can she find her way out before it’s too late? Or will she be overcome by the weight of her own sins and hubris?

The idea of the game that Alice is closed into an abandoned school building, where every kinds of monsters walking free, and she must find the way out. In the game it is good, that we not really dead, just get back to the start, if we didn’t do something well. There aren’t unbeatable montsers unperceivable secret doors (or rather there is one), we can fulfill and find out tasks easily. In the game we must fight the enemies with a ruler, later with a metal ruler. later with a metre-stick, and at the and we can learn blood sucking. The game has the sense of humour, that i very fond of, and it seems the others too. The game is surreal in a sufficient degree, at first we must fight with our shadow, then a big frog, but shouldn’t be afraid, we can solve these difficulties.

Ratings: 5 abandoned school building out of 5

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