Habeas Corpus

The last major interactive fiction competition last year, if I remember correctly, was Sub-Q Jam, also the chapter that gets the Environment subtitle about the environment. There were also good climate defense moves in the race, but for game technical reasons, I still chose Habeas Corpus for this race. The term itself means something like a XVII. based on the story of the twentieth century, that someone who has been charged with something can be brought before any judge to clear himself of the charges, and then released if he is not guilty. Or something like that. The point is that “in the absence of a lawful charge or court order, a person can only be deprived of his or her liberty for a short time” (Wikipedia) Anyway, the plot of the game is as follows: it may be some celestial structure) and we are looking for the way of our deliverance. Rather, it evokes the atmosphere of exploratory games, we don’t have a lot of concrete action (but there are), the graphics and music feel great in my feel. The story itself probably became so narrow because the word limit for games submitted to the tournament was set at 1,000 words. Although, maybe he didn’t even take advantage of that. In any case, I would still have remained in the world outlined by the game when I played with it at dawn. It’s just right for a demonstration, entry-level game, though the workmanship itself is professional.


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