Out Of Memory

This game came up mostly with a view to starting school. It actually falls into the category where we don’t have many real choices, but somewhere towards the end a decision determines the end result. It came up though, because the two end results are really thought-provoking. Anyway, it will take place in the future, in a higher education institution, where students’ memory is charged and the info is uploaded to them from a tablet. This method of learning seems a bit bleak, but well, we’re moving on to that. We play the role of the 6228 student, we chat a bit with the 6227 girl, Erin, I think we don’t have much other interaction. The greeting text is said mechanically at the year opener (sure to be the fault of the technical conditions) and everything is given for a futuristic sense of life. The end result is no happy ending in either case, but at least we survive the event. Typically, this is interactive fiction whose literary value is more noteworthy than the gaming experience itself.


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