10 Step Escape

The weakest part of the game is the title screen, we can find similar in other games, but it is very minimalist. Anyways it is an one room escape game, implemented in Twine, maybe a bit too easy to solve, but it is very difficult to think out good puzzles in a choice based game. The room has a bed, a nightstand, a bookself, and a door, that’s all. There are more stories in the story if we open a book from the bookshelf, we can find a horror, a romance or a sci-fi story. It is a bonus, it is not necessary to solve the game and escape from the room. Surprisingly I most liked the romance story, which wasn’t a regular romance story and contained a moral in the end. The game consists of 10 screens, we can easily find the thing which opens the door, in which we can escape from the room, which is the end of the game.


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