Better than Alone

The game plays in the winter of Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown, you are Lottie Gill-Soren, the caretaker for Carl Quincy Durrant, and his house is haunted. Mr. Durant suffers from dementia, and an illness, we don’t know whether it is COVID-19 or not. We play a role of a nurse, who is hired for do the houswork for the old man, who is a maniac of the repetition, we have to do everything 10 times. In the day they speak with each other, when the old man is well, and we can get informations for their early life. But sometimes Mr. Duran become aggressive because of his illness, but he is not dangerous due to his weakness. We have to take care for him until the end of the lockdown, or until he dies. Every night we have to count his mediactions, clean his room, cook the food ten times and read from a book, than we can go to sleep. The excercises are strange,  but interesting, it’s challanging to do it every night ten times. There is a truncated version, where we must do the excersises once, it’s about half an hour shorter.

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