Fog Lights and Foul Deeds

In summary, the following could be the slogan of the game: dudes, tea, axe. The story takes place in Victorian England, in a fucking big fog, on our small smuggling ship, we try to run a deal by the agreed time. Fuel is running out fast, and we’re trying to find the golden mean between calm tea drinking, racing at maximum speed, and kicking brainless zombies off deck or smashing them with an ax. Along the way, we can replenish our supplies, get lost in the fog, sailing to the destination for fear of an attack by anonymous, unknown creatures, where the most friendly welcome is by no means certain. This game just came out by chance, from the 2017 Ectocomp, not a big number, but I thought it was pretty good in its category that year, despite achieving one of the driest places. In the game, victory is mostly about personal survival.

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