The Ghost on the Shore

Two young boys make friends in this story. The basis of their friendship is that they are a little different from the average. Well, not so much, they just love to chatter and stare at the stars, stuff like that. They also decide to go ashore, despite having a bad reputation because they consider it a ghostly place. As they look there, they see some shadow, and then that becomes the big story. The game is inspired by a supernatural or horrorn novel, the originals of the images used are unclear, there are a couple of backgrounds in it, and the two main characters. The whole thing is so that if we are already disappointed in reading as well, let it be something to have fun with. I liked it. The closer a game is to my game implementation level, sometimes the more I like it. The game also has an Indonesian version and title, this is Hantu Laut. We just have to choose the language and we can already press Indonesian, which we probably won’t do.

Rating: 5 ghostly places out of 5

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