Who to haunt?

Good morning! Nowadays, there are so many games and competitions of this kind that I have no chance to report on everything anymore. I only present those for which I find the idea good, and I can also write something meaningful about them. Another EctoComp game that deals with life after death. You’re Henrietta, 87, and you’re dead. Of course. It’s Halloween. Anyone who dies on Halloween gets a chance to haunt someone. Choose wisely who you are going to haunt! In the game, some come to our deathbed, get to know them, and choose from three people to haunt. A well written game, there could have been more finishes, but we can’t complain that way either. I wasn’t scared to, say, death (unlike a character), I’d rather say I had a lot of fun with the ingenuity of the game. As I can judge, there is a good chance of winning in his category.


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