Arizona Craters

What happens, when X-Files is fusioned with the game Up Periscope? Arizona Craters happens, certainly. So, not exactly, but it’s a good slogan. According to the writer, the game is about aliens, craters, and storytelling. Anyway, we are acting the role of a journalist, a wannabe stargazer, who have chosen the journalism instead, and specialized to UFO-investigations. In the mornings he sings with her ill mother a little bit, then arrives the scene of the sight, and demonstrates in his pulicism, that these are manmade, artifical things. Once he meets an over-anxoius research team, and a crater which was made in curiously cunning manner. He, and a member of the team get closer to each other, and begin to investigate the traces furiously… It will be the case of his life? Or not? In a certain case, doubtlessly. 🙂

Ratings: 5 over-anxious research team out of 5

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